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Raiffeisenbank Mittelrheintal /Switzerland IBAN: CH 1281319 00000 870 43 38/CHF BIC: RAIFCH 22
Kreissparkasse Döbeln / Germany IBAN: DE53 8605 5462 0033 0036 67 BIC:SOLADES1DLN / SOLADEST
Bank Austria Creditanstalt IBAN: AT21 1200 0236 1175 9001 BIC: BKAUATWW
World head office
WKF c.e.o.
World director
Po Box 131, 1060 Vienna, Austria
Dear friends and members of
World Kickboxing Federation,
in May our WKF was very busy World wide.
We got few new member countries and new responsible presidents in our federation:
WKF welcomes our new members, fighters, managers and promoters, today we have 87 member countries !
Until May 30th WKF has for this Year 65 title fights booked in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, Pacific area and
South America. Please check always our online World Ranking and event schedule, to avoid any clash of title requests.
Our web site www.wkfkickboxing.net is getting updated weekly, so please keep always an eye on the news.
All MMA world ranking lists are updated, please have a look on our main web site www.wkfkickboxing.net. If you
miss your fighter contact Mr. Gerhard ETTL, mail: office@ettl-bros.at . If you want to book any title fight just send
your request to our head office. The same procedure like in kickboxing is valid.
To support promoters with small budgets WKF head office offers from today two new Champion belts. According
most Boxing federations we have new EUROPEAN UNION champion title and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
This is for a fair price, belt and certificate is included. To avoid any misunderstandings in future – shipping is NOT
included in the fees and has to be paid extra. You can book now these two new Champion titles.
Since June 1st we started World wide with our new division " WKF pro point fighting” , for man and ladies, adults
only. We create a special fantastic belt, the fees will be very low, and the weight classes are the same. Rules for pro
point fighting and more details are already online ion the new web site. We ask you kindly to start with pro point
fighting promotions, just send your top point fighter and we post them in the ranking. And please, fix a link to our new
web site, please.
WKF MMA man and woman World ranking updated
WKF head office got more and more request from promoters World wide. For that we have fixed also Woman MMA
World ranking. If you miss your fighter send mail to Mr. Ettl our MMA director, and ask for he new MMA woman
European ranking.
The fees for any title are the same like for Kickboxing. We are open for any request.
The scheduled AFRICA CUP in Addis Abeba October 18th -23rd in all disciplines (like European or Asian
Championships) for 2011 is for all our African countries only. We got many request about and many African teams
want to participate in this prestigious tournament, to find the all African champion. On this event we have also pro title
fight on the schedule. The full invitation is ready to download on African continental web site our
http://africa.wkfworld.com/ For registration and Hotel booking please contact directly Mr. Puro OKELO.
Mail: africankboxing@yahoo.com
If you are interested to promote this high prestige event in 2013 / 2015 in your City send just your proposal to our WKF
head office.
Our WKF professional division is very busy in Africa.
Our new WKF SOUTH AFRICA president Mr. Mark HEY announce two international title fights on September 21st in
Johannesburg. Nkosinathi XIMBA / RSA vs. Gonzalo BREST for the World title in K-1 - 60 Kg.
And Oumpie SEBEKO / RSA vs. El Leon BREST / ARG for the Intercontinental title K-1 -66,80 Kg
WKF GHANA promoted end of May an international event in Accra. New Ghana pro Champion is Isaak DOKU -72,30
Kg in Thai Boxing. He is ready "to beat every fighter on the World” for the next title challenge.
WKF continental web site: http://africa.wkfworld.com/
Our new president of KF CHINA Mr. Michael OESCHLMÜLLER is very successful. In short time he had many
meetings and serious contacts in Beijing and other parts of China. Local promoters are very interested on fighters as
well to fight on events in other continents. WKF has now the big chance, to open the Chinese market, any fighter you
book from China you will get a chance there for same conditions.
Many Chinese fighter and manager want to challenge your Champions. This is a big chance to get a fighter from China
and an invitation back to find in this amazing country.
Invite for your next high class events our Chinese Champions, contact Mr. Michael and make your deals.
mail: oe.m@wkf-china.org. Soon we will have our first WKF World title in China !
WKF PHILIPINES president Mr. Andy KUNZ has also started his first activities. Our Asian team is working very hard
and busy. Soon we will have news from the first WKF event in Manila.
Last weeks we got few new Asian countries and we are in negotiation with more interested countries. Because we got
still no confirmation from WKF IRAN , we are looking for a promoter for the WKF ASIAN Championships in
November 2011. If you are interested to do this event send your proposal, please.
WKF continental web site: http://asia.wkfworld.com
Our continental director Mr. Georges PERGIALIS is successfully too. He is traverling around the World and organize
many local and huge events World wide. Next event is scheduled for Athens and again in Melbourne.
Our WKF PAPUA NEW GUINEA president Mr. Stanley NANDEX announce few amateur and pro events for 2011 in
South Pacific area. Next event he intend to have on September 16th 6 title fights. A) 2x Regional title b) 2x national title
c) 2x south Pacific Title. On December 14th-16th 2011 WKF PNG will have their national championship in Madang
Province, PNG. Mr. Nandex also intends to have 3x PNG Title fights as a main event.
If you wan to challenge fighters from PNG for Intercontinental or World title send just a request to our head office, or
contact our South Pacific director Mr. Stanley NANDEX. Mail: nandexoz@hotmail.com
Soon we will have the new events, fighters and reports from "down under”!
WKF continental web site: http://australia.wkfworld.com
Since May 1st we have started with our WKF Europe head office. For any daily business contact Mr. Samantha A.
SAVERSCHEL, European Chief coordinator. Samantha will help in any requests for European member countries. She
is also responsible for the continental European web site http://europe.wkfworld.com/, mail: europe@wkfworld.com
The transition period for old licenses or non WKF licenses ends a day before the next World referee seminar in Austria,
March 2nd -4th. This annual seminar is open for all our WKF referees and judges World wide, to update their knowledge
about rules, and to discus new ideas in relaxed community. On request our continental WKF presidents we could
promote continental referee seminars with an appointed WKF Supervisor.
WKF EUROPEAN director Mr. Istvan ROZMAN and his team promoted the European open Cup in MMA and K-1
style in the City Gyomaendröd near Budapest in June. The longest way had the team from WKF UGAND in Kampala,
Mr. Joseph KASATA came to support this event as assistant supervisor, to represent Uganda and the African continent.
Many international teams attended this European Cup, the Hungarian fighter made a perfect performance. In Vienna in
September they will present a strong national team.
New European MMA Champion – 66 Kg is Hungarian hero Richard NEMETH. If you have a tough MMA fighter in
this weight, Richard is waiting for any challenge.
WKF CZECH president Mr. Dr. Michal FRABSA announce the "International Czech Open” on September 3rd in the
City Olomouc. This is for the first time that WKF sanction this high class amateur event. The date is perfect before the
upcoming European Championships in Vienna. Invitation is here attached and on our web site. For more details contact
Mr. Michal PRSTEK, mail: m.prstek@volny.cz
WKF AUSTRIA announces again one of the biggest amateur tournaments in Europe, International Austrian Open on
April 14th 2012. Please note in your event schedule and send your best fighter.
If you have your international tournaments scheduled for 2012 send your poster and invitation, please.
WKF continental web site: http://europe.wkfworld.com
European Championship 2011
The WKF European Champions ships in all disciplines will be in September, 19th -24th 2011 in Vienna, Austria. The
web site for this major event is on www.wkfworld.com. Until today more than 25 European countries has confirmed
their participation’s we expect close to 1.000 fighter. Do not miss this event, send your best fighter and referees to
Vienna. On the last day 20 selected finals and two pro title fights will be in the Champions night.
Many national teams has already booked their Hotel for their teams in Vienna, the youth hostel is almost sold out.
Please does it quick, contact the promoter Mr. Josef HALZL from Austria for Hotel booking and airport transfer, if
needed. For further details and any request send mail to office@wkfkickboxing-austria.net.
If you are interested to promote WKF continental Championships 2013 / 2015 (African, Asian etc.) or WKF World
Championships 2016 / 2018 send your proposal to the WKF head office and we contact you. Our web site
The WKF World Champions ships 2012 are in negotiation with sponsors, more about in the following newsletter.
WKF South America president Mrs. Maria Esther PUJALES announce Mr. Neves UBIRATAN as new president for
WKF Brazil. Mr. Ubiratan has high reputation in Brazil and is well known as promoter and expert for Thai Boxing.
On October 15th he promote his "Collision of Gladiators” with four international WKF sanctioned title fights. For
fighters contact Mr. Ubiratan directly.
Mrs. Pujales booked already few titles in various South American countries.
New in our team is Mr. Miguel VIDAL LAGOS and WKF CHILE. Mail: miguelvidalkickboxing@hotmail.com
Soon we will have a new web site and first activities from Chile. If you want to book fighters from Chile just send a
mail with your request to Mr. Lagos.
WKF continental web site: www.wkfsouthamerica.blogspot.com/
All title fights has to be booked only with the WKF title application form to avoid misunderstandings, 30 days in
advance, together with the fees.
With pleasure we would like to post your time schedule of upcoming events, sanctioned by WKF, your reports after the
event, plus results, photos etc. Don’t forget to update your fighters in the ranking, delete the retired and send your
new A- class fighters. WKF head office asks kindly to send photos always attached in high resolution and NOT inside
word files, please.
All new Champions and upcoming WKF title fights are on the attached Champions list.
Please understand, we are ready to help as well as we can, but without your information we cannot do anything.
Waiting your replay
Best regards,
WKF World director
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