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الرئيسية » 2012 » September » 7 » WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION
9:15 PM

Craig MAYMAN is our new WKF AUSTRALIAN continental director

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On request of our WKF AFRICA director Mr. Mark HEY from Johannesburg was a meeting of the board of directors in Vienna.

Beside many important requests,  WKF head office confirmed Mr. Craig MAYMAN with immediate effect as new WKF Australian continental director.

In WKF the level of female Kick & Thaiboxing is really high, if you want to get a chance to fight send  just a mail with your  fighter profile.


Mr. Mayman is an expert in traditional Tora – Ryu martial arts. Soon we will introduce officially our new WKF director, with program, ideas and more. If you want to contact Mr. Mayman send him just a mail with your request.


 MMA was Yesterday – EXTREME STRIKING  is today !!!

7. September 2012

WKF World title fights – 60 Kg and – 69,50 Kg plus Ladies European title – 69,50 Kg in K-1 rules in Vienna, October 27th

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Vienna, Austria; WKF AUSTRIA top promoter KNOCK-OUT promote next international event. Matchmaker is once again Octagon pro Gym in Vienna.

Three WKF title fights are on the fight card.

Ladies K-1 main fight – 69,50 Kg is a real miracle, Lucie MLENJKOVA / CZE vs. Oksana BARYUKOVA / UKR. To real tough Amazons meet in Vienna in the ring for the amazing WKF  European Champion belt.

From South Africa Super star Ximba NKOSINATHI challenge the current European Champion Konstantin TRYSHIN / UKR. This title fight is for the vacant WKF K-1 World title in lightweight -60 Kg.

From Buenos Aires Latin American Champion Alejandro MONTERO challenge Czech top fighter Tigran MOVSISYAN from Brno for the K-1 World title Champion belt – 66,80 Kg.

Two continental Champions fight for the World title, this is what WKF stand for, because we are the real global player.

 MMA was Yesterday – EXTREME STRIKING  is today !!!

5. September 2012

WKF World referee seminar 2013 – extend your license !

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Kalisz, Poland, WKF POLAND president Mr. Arkadiusz WELNA is the host of the next World referee meeting in Poland.

WKF head office organise the annual 2013 World referee seminar in the beautiful City Kalisz on March 1st to 3rd. Invitation is here !

Venue is the amazing Hotel Europa in the heart of Kalisz.

We got already many requests from our male / female referees of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

The update WKF licensed international referee list is here ! If you are not on that list , you have no valid WKF license and you are not qualified for WKF events.

Many photos of the international WKF referees are here !

The next host of the World referee seminar 2014 in March is scheduled in Czech Republic WKF Czech Republic.

All WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminar in Lviv 2011, or Vienna 2012 must extend their license in Poland. The extended License is valid for three Years again.

Please remember: 

without valid WKF license

you are not qualified for WKF events !

2. September 2012

Big event in Switzerland on October 20th

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Amazing top promotion again in Switzerland !

International fight card plus two WKF title fights with Swiss Champions vs. Top challengers.

When : Saturday. October 20th, in "Stadthofsaal Uster”
Where : Theaterstr. 1, 8610 Uster,  doors open: 5.30 pm

Ticket Info here :

Mr. SKENDER SHAHINAJ  +41 79 544 67 28

More information coming soon on WKF SWITZERLAND

Read more on WKF EUROPE


1. September 2012

US legend Jow LEWIS has passed away

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Sad news from America.

According to his student John Graden, the World’s first kick boxing champion and all time great JOE LEWIS has passed away after suffering from cancer.

Born on March 7th, 1944 he is a real legend, martial artist and actor from the beginning in the early sixties.

He become a legend in September in Longbeach / USA in 1974 when he get the Champion title as first time ever heavy weight World Champion in Kick boxing.

Later he was partner of Bruce LEE.

He is one of the Top four heroes like Bill WALLACE, Mike STONE and Chuck NORRIS.

A big lose for the martial art World, we all will miss him.

1. September 2012

News from WKF in South Africa

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WKF SOUTH AFRICA president Mr. Mark HEY is also president of the WKF AFRICA continental federation.

And Mr. Hey is not just a promoter and manager, he has also many tough Champions in his Gym.

Sydney MOKGOLO is current Nr. 9 in the World ranking in Light Heavyweight – 81,40 Kg.

Congratulations to Sydney, with the new WKF world rankings released today the Machine Gun has shot up to number 9 in the world and big opportunities for a major international title shot before the end of the year.
First on the list is the R100,000 first prize WKF Last Man Standing Tri-Nations Extreme Striking 16 man knockout to be held in Joburg on September 28th. It should be quite a finish to the year.
It’s Vienna for me on Sunday night to meet with WKF world president Fritz Exenberger as things are hotting up big time for WKF in Africa. I’m really looking forward to the visit and of course we’re back in Vienna in October for the Tiger’s world title fight so its going to be a busy end to the year. Training tomorrow with Sydney, Zulu and Shaka Mtshweni as sparring partners with the Tiger back on Sunday.

1. September 2012

More than 225.000 (!) visitors here on our main web site !

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As everybody know, many federations are existing in our sport.

But what makes the different, why do we have that huge success World wide?

The answer is simple, my global team and I – we work really hard and serious for our clients, promoters, Champions and members - to satisfy YOU !!!

We all love our sport, and of course we want to make business, but a deal must be a deal, any World ranking must getting updated weekly, Champions must be real and not a ” Lebanese fairy tail ” story and an event schedule must be serious, without fakes of copies of other events, or not even existing events. Just a faked poster is not a prove of any events.

And because we are serious, have no fakes in the event schedule, have weekly updated World ranking, real Champions and promoters World wide , – because of that all  "we are the real global player”  Semper et ubique !


Have you seen all our 6 WKF continental web sites ?




31. August 2012

WKF CHINA is moving … 我们是真正的全球玩家

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Beijing, China;  WKF CHINA is moving forward. Our office in Beijing is always in negotiations with local promoters for next events.

For autumn 2012 we have already 5 events scheduled in China. Soon we will have our first Chinese WKF Champions.

And many promoters World wide are also interested to challenge Chinese champions.

If you are a Chinese manager or promoter send your request just by mail to our head office.

29. August 2012

WKF BELGIUM has new president

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Brussels,Belgium;  with immediate effect we have a new WKF BELGIUM president.

Mr. Edvik ABDULAHI is an excellent sportsman and Champion in various federations. He has top contacts in Belgium and is well known as promoter of high class events too.And he speaks different languages, easy to deal with our friend.

Soon we will have a new WKF BELGIUM web site.

Edvik is also well known in Tirana and Albania. This is an additional opportunity to start with WKF in Albania and to bring Albanian amateur and pro fighters to WKF events and in the World ranking. We hope to have now a WKF Albanian team next Year in the European Championships in Lviv  in September 2013.

If you want to invite Belgium fighters and for further requests about  WKF Albania Kick boxing send a mail to WKF BELGIUM head office.

Read more on WKF EUROPE


27. August 2012

Tigran MOVSISYAN / CZE vs. MONTERO Alejandro / ARG fight in Vienna for K-1 World title – 66,80 Kg

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Vienna, Austria; WKF AUSTRIA top promoter KNOCK-OUT promote once again an international event on October 27th. Matchmaker is once again Octagon pro Gym in Vienna.

Three WKF title fights are on the fight card.

Main fight is for the World title in K-1 rules – 66,80 Kg. Czech Champion Tigran MOVSISYAN form Muay Thai Gym Brno , coach Karel KAISER.

His opponent comes from Buenos Aires, WKF ARGENTINA president Mr. Carlos SUAREZ confirmed Senor Alejandro MONTERO  from Buenos Aires. Montero is the current  new Argentinian and Latin American Champion. Here comes the real

"Número un de la Latino América”


Plus Ladies European title fight, plus heavy weight European title fight, plus 8 man Karate tournament, plus show, sexy girls and much more …

Read more on WKF EUROPE


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