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Привет друзья, Добро пожаловать в WKF …

For better understanding WKF translated most important PDF files in Russian language available to down load. This is a new service for our thousands of Russian speaking friends and WKF members World wide.

Thanks to Mrs. Татьяна Давыдова from WKF RUSSIA for her translation.

If you want to promote in Russia with WKF and for any further request on WKF Russia contact her by mail.

10. September 2012

Austrian Open 2013 on May 4th in Vienna

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Famous Austrian Open is one of the oldest Kickboxing Tournaments in Europe. Next event is scheduled in Vienna again, on May 4th.

Invitation is here !

International Austrian Open tournament in Forms, Semi contact, Light contact and K-1 rules. This tournament is open for kids, juniors, women and men of all federations


If your team need any help for Airport transfer and Hotel booking just ask for the rates, please.  In the past we had more than 850 fighter and 20 countries.

For more informations please download the invitation, registration form is here ! Further informations on www.octagon.at and www.wkfaustria.com

10. September 2012

World Cup in Disneyland , Paris

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In November, 15th – 19th WKF sanction the World Cup of our partner ICO – International Combat Organisation.

After our World Championships in Varazdin last July is this now the second cooperation with our partner ICO.

Everybody in the World knows about "Walt Disney” and the parks, in this amazing venue we promote the Worldcup in various disciplines.

Head promoter is our WKF FRANCE president Mr. Thierry MUCCINI, supervisor ICO Mr. Andrew HENNESSY.

More details coming soon !!!

9. September 2012

International Bregenz Open in Austria

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WKF Supervisor Mr. Harald FOLLADORI organise again the "Int. Bregenz Open”. Since 23 Years Bregenz Open is the final event every Year, and many teams and Clubs meet their in sport and friendship.

The invitation is here, for any further request contact Mr. Folladori directly, please. mail !


9. September 2012

Croatian Open tournament on October 6th

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WKF CROATIA president Mr. Hrvoje KISASONDI announce the "Brod Open” international tournament on October 6th.

The disciplines are Semi contact, light contact, full contact and lowkick. The full invitation is here.

For details like Hotel booking or any other further requests contact the organiser Mr. Tomislav DACOVIC,

mail  mobile: + 385 91 546 3310.


Read more on WKF EUROPE


9. September 2012

Breisgau Cup, International event in Germany

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WKF GERMANY announce the "BREISGAU CUP”  in Waldkirch – Kollnau , close to the City Freiburg.

The invitation is here !

This international tournament is a qualification contest for the Germany national team for the WKF European Championships 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine.

All teams could compete in Karate, forms, semi contact, light contact, full contact and in newcomer K-1 division.

For any further requests contact WKF GERMANY by mail, please.

9. September 2012

Again international A1 league event in Poland 29th September

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Our WKF POLAND president Mr. Arkadiusz WELNA announce the next event in Kalisz, Poland.

On September 29th in the City Błaszki WKF POLAND promote the next A1 league event. Polish and international Top fighter in Thai Boxing  compete in a high class tournament. WKF rules will apply.


For further informations , full invitation, Hotel etc. contact WKF POLAND  office, president Mr. Welna by mail

Send your registration file directly to the organiser by mail.



7. September 2012

Craig MAYMAN is our new WKF AUSTRALIAN continental director

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On request of our WKF AFRICA director Mr. Mark HEY from Johannesburg was a meeting of the board of directors in Vienna.

Beside many important requests,  WKF head office confirmed Mr. Craig MAYMAN with immediate effect as new WKF Australian continental director.

In WKF the level of female Kick & Thaiboxing is really high, if you want to get a chance to fight send  just a mail with your  fighter profile.


Mr. Mayman is an expert in traditional Tora – Ryu martial arts. Soon we will introduce officially our new WKF director, with program, ideas and more. If you want to contact Mr. Mayman send him just a mail with your request.


 MMA was Yesterday – EXTREME STRIKING  is today !!!

7. September 2012

WKF World title fights – 60 Kg and – 69,50 Kg plus Ladies European title – 69,50 Kg in K-1 rules in Vienna, October 27th

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Vienna, Austria; WKF AUSTRIA top promoter KNOCK-OUT promote next international event. Matchmaker is once again Octagon pro Gym in Vienna.

Three WKF title fights are on the fight card.

Ladies K-1 main fight – 69,50 Kg is a real miracle, Lucie MLENJKOVA / CZE vs. Oksana BARYUKOVA / UKR. To real tough Amazons meet in Vienna in the ring for the amazing WKF  European Champion belt.

From South Africa Super star Ximba NKOSINATHI challenge the current European Champion Konstantin TRYSHIN / UKR. This title fight is for the vacant WKF K-1 World title in lightweight -60 Kg.

From Buenos Aires Latin American Champion Alejandro MONTERO challenge Czech top fighter Tigran MOVSISYAN from Brno for the K-1 World title Champion belt – 66,80 Kg.

Two continental Champions fight for the World title, this is what WKF stand for, because we are the real global player.

 MMA was Yesterday – EXTREME STRIKING  is today !!!

5. September 2012

WKF World referee seminar 2013 – extend your license !

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Kalisz, Poland, WKF POLAND president Mr. Arkadiusz WELNA is the host of the next World referee meeting in Poland.

WKF head office organise the annual 2013 World referee seminar in the beautiful City Kalisz on March 1st to 3rd. Invitation is here !

Venue is the amazing Hotel Europa in the heart of Kalisz.

We got already many requests from our male / female referees of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

The update WKF licensed international referee list is here ! If you are not on that list , you have no valid WKF license and you are not qualified for WKF events.

Many photos of the international WKF referees are here !

The next host of the World referee seminar 2014 in March is scheduled in Czech Republic WKF Czech Republic.

All WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminar in Lviv 2011, or Vienna 2012 must extend their license in Poland. The extended License is valid for three Years again.

Please remember: 

without valid WKF license

you are not qualified for WKF events !

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