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New WKF EGYPT president Mr. Mohamed Abd el Aziz Mohamed DESSOUKI

Posted by WKF head office on July 11th, 2012

Cairo, Egypt; with immediate effect WKF head office appointed Mr. Mohamed Abd el Aziz Mohamed DESSOUKI  as new WKF EGYPT president with all authorities.

Mr. Dessouki was born 1964 in Zankalon, later graduated as bachelor in commerce – Division of Marketing – on the Zagazig University.

Mr. Dessouki participated in many tournaments, also in Europe like "Czech Open” 2009 in Olomouc and others.

He promoted "Egypt Championship for Children and Youth 2008″, as well as Media advisor and administrative support to Egyptian International Championship 2010. Further more he worked as Media consultant for  the young Egyptian Prime channel and Egyptian youth channel.

Later he attended several courses in the arbitration of international public universities in Egypt and got many of the international commercial arbitration also from the universities of Egypt.

Soon we will have a new WKF EGYPT web site, please be patient. For any matters and requests contact Mr. Dessouki by mail or mobil +  201227067089.

All fighters in Kickboxing amateur and profi, MMA and pro point fighting are invited to contact Mr. Dessouki at any time.


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