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2019, 21st to 26th October in Romania


بطولة العالم في كيك بوكسينغ في القاهرة

2020 – First time in history on the African continent

here are tour TOP FIVE European countries:

Leading European country is today WKF AUSTRIAGold 84    Silver 77   Bronze 82

Second country are the GERMANS,     65/78/46

third is CZECH REPUBLIC,     47/34/20

fourth WKF SLOVAKIA,     34/29/43

and nr. five WKF PORTUGAL,    24/8/12

All our WKF EUROPEAN countries are welcome in our

WKF EUROPEAN Championships in Baia Mare, 

Romania, October 21st to 26th 2019

Full invitation in PDF here !

Our WKF tournament registration program is NOW ONLINE

Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president / CEO

Welcome in 21st century

Since three Years WKF technical committee work in the background with our new amazing registration program.

Now, in time for the upcoming European Championship in Romania, we are officially launching our new program.

ONLY ON REQUEST by E-mail, all Presidents of WKF Europe will receive their personal access and password.

Thus only the presidents can register, change or delete their participants for the European Championship.
Of course you can also see the already registered participants.

But as I said – only the country presidents!

The link to the registration program can be found here!

Few days ago WKF head office sent full information’s by mail to all our European WKF presidents.

Jessy GONOPA, PNG, new female WKF International K-1 Champion

Jessy GONOPA, PNG, International K-1 Champion

WKF head office confirmed already the new female International WKF Champion in K-1 in Superwelterweight – 69,5 Kg / 153 lbs, Jessy GONOPA,
Papua New Guinea.


promoted a great event in capital City Port Moresby. Venue was the famous “Sports Inn Hotel

WKF World Champion Stanley NANDEX has many serious contacts not just in PNG but also on the Australian continent and in Oceania as well.

First time ever in History, Nandex promoted a female K-1 International title fight in Female Kickboxing League,
what has signed in to a new Partnership with Lae Biscuit CO with its new Brand Snax Noddles. Thanks to Area Manager Southern Region Mr. Paul Max Tumu.

WKF PNG president World Champion Mr. Stanley NANDEX

Here is his report:

On behalf of PNGKBF and HeadHunter KO Promotions, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Jocelyn NAUNI for putting up the strong fight.
You will always be respected as a champion”
your time commitment and aspirations to many young girls in PNG has set another milestone for Female Kickboxing League in PNG.
For your commitment, the Female Kickboxing League would like to appoint you as our Director and executive member of the FKBL.

Thanks to our great sponsors !

Sponsorships are not easy to get given the current economic challenges we facing at the moment.

This gentleman has a very soft heart when it comes to women and children,
he recognizes the significance of how important the Female Kickboxing League is and have jumped on the wagon to support the Program.

Thank you Mr. Londe Kumane Executive chairman of the Australiansian Homes Ltd to become the Sponsor.
We looking forward in working with you and your organization.

On behalf of PNG Kickboxing Federation and Headhunter KO Promotions, I would like to thank our sponsors,
the administration team, members and the public for the great support in the successfully staging of the Female Kickboxing Showdown.

Special Thanks to Mr. Ian Chow of Lae Biscuit CO, Mr. Mick Nades of IBSU University, Mr. Michael Koupere of Paladin Solution,
Mr. John Nilkare of SP Brewery, Mr. Joe Wemin of MY Club, Mr. Fred Kowas of Pacific Cargo Service
and Mr. Londen Humane of Australiasian Homes Ltd and the Media.




21st to 26th October in Romania


2020 – first time in history on the African continent !

WKF Europe family meets 2021 in Netherlands

With respect galore

 Thank you