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All 4 Title fights for April 23 in Wr. Neudorf has now been confirmed !!!

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on April 18th, 2013

Night of Glory 9th 400

WKF World title belt

Latest News:

due to strong advance are only a few tickets and the last 3 VIP tables have.


At the 27. April place in Wiener Neudorf another gala knock-out promotion instead of.

Here, in addition to 2 Women's struggles also four (!) real championships held. While other promoters often sell hand-picked "title fights" of insignificant puppet associations as real fights, We only true champions come out of the World Ranking in the ring. That makes all the difference.

Alfredo Suarez / VEN is against the Bregenz Alkan BAHRI the first fight in a high class PPF world title contest in Austria.

These fights Henry BANNERT against the reigning African champion from Kampala Eric KIDEGA to the world title in Thai boxing.

Timo HERZBERG vom Team Shihan Geert LEMMENS fights for the first time in Vienna. This is about the World Cup title in full contact – 81,40 Kg against the African Champion Isaac Duko COMMEY aus Accra.

Fahir BATJARI meets the very strong Czech Radek WANCURA, who has already won some great titles over the course of his long career.

Tickets for this international event is already in the Octagon pro Gym from 20 Euro, the last VIP tables are also still available.

Since the next sold-out event, Please ensure timely Tickets.


The next knock.out promotion Gala in Wr. Neudorf is already on the 28. September planted. This time, the Balkans comes to visit !

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Kroatien Open und WKF World Cup am 25. More 2013 in Varazdin

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on April 17th, 2013

2013.05. Croatian Open


The new trailer WKF, professionell und super mega cool !


WKF CROATIA President Mr. Hrvoje KISASONDI meldet that "Croatia Open” at the 25. Never in Varazdin.

Forms will be wearing, Semikontact, Light contact, Full Contact , Lowkick. and MMA. The tender can be found here.

Etc for more details as z.B.Hotelbuchungen. please contact the organizer Mr. Hrvoje KISASONDI direkt per mail.

This tournament will bring many Balkan athletes to Varazdin.

The WKF Austria would like to send a team for this World Cup, if you are interested and would like to participate please send us an easy mail our association office,

2012.05.23-WKF-Austria-LogoPlease always In time update before the next event, the sport passes. It will be issued on the spot, no new WKF sport passes and annual marks, only the previously ordered output !


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PPF European champion Denis Artinger urges world champion Bratchykov from Odessa

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on April 15th, 2013

ARTINGER-Dennis_AUTBRATCHYKOV-Alexandr_UKR_The Austrian Open at the 4. May in Vienna is host to this historic PPF World Cup title. Shortly already comes the next PPF Europe title fight, The negotiations are still ongoing. for more information on Pro Point Fighting they simply send a mail or she visits but Senor Suarez.

For the second PPF WM-Titel - 71Kg in Vienna at the Austrian Open on 4. May, we have a new challenger for the Ukrainian WKF World Champion in the semi & Light contact Alexandr BRATCHYKOV.

PPF World President Mr.. Alfredo Suarez has confirmed the World Cup title fight , the current European champion PPF Dennis ARTINGER of Octagon Pro Gym is the current challenger.

Both fighters know each other from the European 2011 in Vienna, where Dennis was able to beat his opponent Alexandr only one point in a team fight.

For more information in Spanish with Mr. SUAREZ comunicarce under e-mail .

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Austrian Open pm 04. More 2013

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 31st, 2013

Please notepad / please note:

DEADLINE Wednesday 1. MORE !

deadline for registration May 1st !

WKF referee are welcome !

Cash price

"Grand Champion” in Semi contact

for the best fighter only !

At the 04. More 2013 Alt is in the rotunda – Erlaa in Vienna the next "Austrian Open 2013″ performed.

Carrying out the discipline forms, Semi Contact, Light contact and K-1, the tender can be found here the registration form for their team here

Hotline : + 43 664 368 51 53


This is the final qualification tournament for the WKF Austrian national team for the upcoming Championship 2013.

Organizer is Octagon pro Gym, Please reserve this date must, which is the major international tournament 2013 in Austria.

Until today, many nations have already promised her to come and teams.

Austrian Open Die 2014 will again be held in May.





International Austrian Open tournament in Forms, Semi contact, Light contact and K-1 rules.

This tournament is open for kids, juniors, women and men of all federations.

International WKF licensed referees are very welcome !

If your team need any help for Airport transfer and Hotel booking just ask for the rates, please.

In the past we had more than 850 fighter and 20 countries.

For more informations please download the invitation, registration form is here ! Further informations on www.octagon.at and www.wkfaustria.com

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WKF European Championship from 28. October to 02. November in Bregenz

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 26th, 2013

Poster EM WKF 2013Now it is officially confirmed - the WKF European Championships 2013 the amateurs will now take place in Bregenz in Vorarlberg. Now has a new deadline of 28. October – 02. November 2013 confirmed by the World Association.

The decision is at the German Open in a "Board of directors” meeting like, Lviv after no more than the venue was available.

bregenz_anfahrtTeam manager and coach is back LV. Vorarlberg State President Mr.. Harald FOLLADORI. He is also in line with our national team in qualifying the WKF.

The qualification for the Austrian national team for the WKF IN 2013 has been like every year with the International Vorarlberg Open started last November in Bregenz and ends as always with the Austrian Open pm 4. More 2013 .

This is the last chance for the WKF Nationalteam 2013 To Qualify.

The next World Cup 2014 in autumn 2014 in the Czech capital Prague take place, have as an official representative of the City of Prague already signaled their support.

If you have any questions, we look forward to her mail


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ÖSTM retrospective in Weiz and novice championship in Vienna

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 11th, 2013

plakat_neulingsmeisterschaft2.inddDITTRICH GeraldThe ÖSTM the WKF in cooperation with the NMAC was again the expected success. About 120 Participants from 7 Provinces went over the scales, in Summe 170 Starts.

Organizer Herbert REISER and his team were excellent with the frame and the National Association of Vorarlberg Harald FOLLADORI and Daniela Klopfer at the top, once more in the Tournament Committee. The electronic scoreboards are already standard for large events and facilitate the work of all coaches.

The level in the fighting was in the ring in the sports and forms very high, in the semi-contact and light contact are still improvements possible. Striking back, the trend was the number of clubs to kids and juniors have reported. It was responding well to the call of the WKF AUSTRIA be more involved in youth work.

All clubs are reminded, to try in other disciplines and to use the full range of WKF Austria.

Still has the WKF forms, Semi Contact, Light contact, Full Contact, Lowkick, K-1 und Thaiboxen an. Are also PPF and part of the WKF MMA offer.


The ÖSTM 2014 be aligned in the spring either from the national association of Vienna or Salzburg.

And our Gerald Dittrich was confirmed at the World referee seminar in Poland with the A License. The WKF Austria congratulates. :-P

The newcomer is the championship again Team ASIA WIEN organized, in collaboration NMAC AUSRIA, WKF AUSTRIA and IFMA AUSTRIA. The tender can be found online for down loaden, here als PDF.

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DAN tests on 16. March in Vienna

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on February 19th, 2013

schwarzgurt_3At the 16. March is in Vienna Octagon pro Gym the next Dan WKF checks instead.

As each spring are the best Kyu Grade WKF AUSTRIA invited, before the examination remove their black belt test.

The tests begin at 10 am and be on 1. DAN until 3. DAN removed.

DAN higher grade upon request to the Office by mail, the tender and the DAN testing program, we send them to be happy, if necessary .

Participation by appointment only by mail Please !



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Bregenz Domink SCHUSTER fightet to PPF world title on 4. More

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on February 17th, 2013

SCHUSTER Dominik_AUT_2Int. Austrian Open Champion Michael REISER from MTV Rosenheim is the first challenger for the world title in Vienna on PPF 4. More, Weight Class - 91 Kg.

Michael is one of the world's best semi-contact fighter with a long and successful career.

The Austrians Dominik SCHUSTER WKF is the reigning world champion in Semkontakt and light contact of Varazdin - 91 Kg and is currently the No.. 4 im World ranking.

Its management has traveled for weeks emailed a request to the head office and PPF President Mr. Alfredo Suarez has these exciting titles already agreed and approved.

The Austrian Open at the 4. May in Vienna is host to this historic PPF World Cup title. Shortly already comes the next PPF Europe title fight, The negotiations are still ongoing. for more information on Pro Point Fighting they simply send a mail or she visits but Senor Suarez.


For more information in Spanish with Mr. SUAREZ comunicarce under e-mail .

WKF Pro Point Fighting belt

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State Championship 2013 Weiz on 9. March

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on February 16th, 2013

2013.04.09 ÖSTM_4This is the poster for the next state championship Weiz in Styria in Graz. The organizer is the National Association of Styria and the NMAC NMAC Austria, Is hosted by the Kickboxclub ATUS Weiz.

This Championship is a charity event, All visitors will give donations, the proceeds go benefit a club, which also takes care of severely disabled children.

The tender can be found here, Hotel info and any further information from Mr. Heribert REISER

WKF-SportpassPlease update as always in time Sportpasses. There are local sports passes and no new WKF years Brands 2013 exposed, only issued previously ordered !

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Champion Henry BANNERT fordert am 27.04. Africa for the World Champion belt

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on February 10th, 2013

BANNERT Henry_AUTKnown to take place on 27. April the next super event takes.

Again and has promoter Josef KURTA knock-out sport promotion an extraordinary fightcard placed.

This time, fan favorite Henry BANNERT to World Cup- 84,60 Kg rise in Thai boxing in the ring.

ONEN Kidega Eric_UGA_4His opponent is from the Ugandan capital Kampala, and is the reigning African Champion Eric Kidega best. He also was runner-up in Thesalonik, has won numerous gold medals in amateur. His Kampfrekor us was the continental federation WKF AFRICA with 80 fights indicated. Have a really strong challenge that Henry will oppose with all their might.

But a WKF World Championship title there is not just a gift!


For the second major battle raises the Wr. Neudorfer Fahir CHANDLER against Czech Radek WANCURA from known Macak Gym. This is about the Intercontinental title – 84,60 Kg in K-1 rules. Wancura is also a top fighter and his fight record is also remarkable. Of 93 He struggles 65 won, 26 Loss and 2 Draw. He is a multiple Czech Champion and was 2006 WPKA runner-up.

Third title fight is a first in Austria. For the first time in Austria PPF – Pro Point Fighting World Championship held. Comes to Austria Bahri ALKIN from Bregenz. It calls Alfredo Suarez from Venezuela for the World Championship Belt – 67 Kg out and chances are here 50:50. Quoted this World Cup title is limited to 6×2 Minutes.

Tickets they get from now 20 Per euro in the Octagon Gym and usual outlets.

For more information and the complete fight card they find on www.knock-out.at.


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