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www.wkfkickboxing.net www.wkfworld.com WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION Raiffeisenbank Mittelrheintal /Switzerland IBAN: CH 1281319 00000 870 43 38/CHF BIC: RAIFCH 22 Kreissparkasse Döbeln / Germany IBAN: DE53 8605 5462 0033 0036 67 BIC:SOLADES1DLN / SOLADEST Bank Austria Creditanstalt IBAN: AT21 1200 0236 1175 9001 BIC: BKAUATWW World head office Fritz EXENBERGER WKF World Director / C.E.O. office@wkfworld.com www.wkf-kickboxing.com www.wkfworld.com Po Box 131, 1060 Vienna, Austria Dear friends in Sport, Here is the WKF - World Kickboxing federation, the real global Player! World Kickboxing Federation was founded 1963 in USA and since January 1st 2011 I am the C.E.O. or World director of WKF - World Kickboxing Federation, which is doubtless the fastest growing World sanctioning body, with events everywhere in the World. How it goes: The WKF team and myself, plus our international fighters, promoters, mangers and all kind of officials around the World started 2009 with a new program. Easy you can check our web site www.wkfkickboxing.net and like everybody you could see who is working and where - and who is just a fake. We have no fakes because we are really busy. We have continental WKF head office on all 6 continents, have a look on our web sites. Although we are a sanctioning body most for professional events, many member countries sanction their amateur events with our WKF too. And of course, with pleasure we would like to support any of your WKF events in your country, like forward your international invitations, post in our online schedule, publish your poster before and short report after the event, photos for the gallery and so on. Try it and you will be satisfied. Now we want to promote in 2012 the World Championships in Croatia and 2013 all continental Champion ships ( e.g. European Champion ships, Africa Cup, Asia Championships etc. ) and again World Champion ships in 2014 in Germany. We are also interested in professional Kick & Thaiboxing events, with title fights, of course. We have two kind of country presidents and promoters, active and very active one’s. Non - active presidents we don’t have in WKF ☺ We expect from our presidents at least two WKF sanctioned title fights per Year. Either Continental, Intercontinental or World title. Of course if you’re very active you will get more discounts and with pleasure we will help in any kind and for any requests. Of course we sanction also non title bouts events, just send your list of events and we fix it online. Fix our official WKF logo on your poster, go according our WKF rule book (amateur and professional) and we sanction your event. You could get any help from WKF; we advertise your fighters, promoters, upcoming events and short reports after, with photos in our Gallery. Please check all possible fighter male and female in the WKF World ranking and send for any new fighter the usual fighter profile (attached). What you send we post / delete in the ranking. For any upcoming title fights we request to send the title application form, to avoid any misunderstanding. If WKF head office agrees the title fight you get the official confirmation, we fix it in the ranking and time schedule. So everybody could see World wide your event and the booked title fight. WKF head office will appoint the Supervisor for the title fight, the costs for air ticket, Hotel and food belongs to the promoter. We expect the fee money 30 days in advance on of our Bank accounts. For more than one title on the same show we are open for any negotiations. For the title fights you will get all title belts and both certificates in time, the winner get the certificate the other one will be destroyed. If you would need any kind of forms, or certificates just send mail and we try to help. Please contact our office any time you need our support. Waiting your replay, mail account, WKF web site, activities..... Best regards, World head office Fritz EXENBERGER WKF C.E.O. World director www.wkfkickboxing.net www.wkfworld.com our continental web sites: http://africa.wkfworld.com/ http://asia.wkfworld.com/ http://europe.wkfworld.com/ http://www.wkfsouthamerica.blogspot.com/

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