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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

أتقدم بخاص شكري وحبي وتقديري إلي جميع الساده زوار الموقع

وأتمني لأمتي العربيه ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط ومصر

الأمن والسلام الدائمين

وأن يسود المنطقه كل الحب والتآخي

مع خالص تحياتي

محمد دسوقي
عضو مجلس إدارة الإتحاد العالمي للكيك بوكسينج
عضو لجنة وضع القواعد العالميه

رئيس الإتحادين

wkf & MMA

في المنطقه العربيه والشرق الأوسط

والمشرف العام علي قارتي آسيا وأفريقيا

الإتحاد العالمي في المنطقه العربيه والشرق الأوسط يرحب بأبطال قطر
السيد / محمد المنصور الرئيس الجديد في قطر
والسيد /  مصباح محمد المدبر الفني ونائب الرئيس
شكرا أيها الإصدقاء

WKF pro world champion title fight in Wels, Austria, on October 26th

Now it’s fixed, the contracts were signed in Sydney

and arrived in Vienna today!


The WKF AUSTRALIA and OCEANIA Director Mr. Rustam A. ATTAI will be traveling from Sydney as supervisor for this fight.


Mr. Hamid ATTAI will be ringside judge.

WKF AUSTRIA thus fulfills the minimum requirements of the WKF – World Kickboxing Federation.

The title fight is cruiserweight – 88.2 kg / – 194 lbs, scheduled for 5 x 3 minutes!

The reigning Australian professional world champion Matt STAPLEFORD comes with his belt from Sydney and the Viennese Karim EL-ASHRY from Octagon pro Gym wants to bring this belt to Vienna.


World referee Hamid ATTAI
WKF pro World champion “down under” Matt STAPLEFORD


The date is on Wednesday (!), October 26, 2022 on the Austrian national holiday.

This is Wednesday during the WKF European Championship, at the end of the first day of the eliminator fights.


The Austrian challenger, Karim EL-ASHRY, is ranked seventh in the World PRO rankings and has been accepted as an opponent by the Australians.


Florian BARTL


Karim is very much looking forward to his first major title fight.

He is preparing in the Octagon pro gym in Vienna with the two world champions Florian BARTL and Alexandra PETRE.


WKF pro World title belt

WKF AUSTRIA president Mrs. Tanja HELML

European Championships, Wels, Austria

WKF AUSTRIA present European Championships 2022

The Austrian WKF team is working hard for the European Championship in Wels near Linz.

The City Wels celebrate 2022 it´s 800 Years of foundation.

The date is now confirmed for October 24th to 29th.

The Austrian team also have referees who are going to take part of the annual World Referee seminar October 21st to 23rd.

Just  the weekend before the European Championships.

The organizing Team of the European Championships is led by the WKF AUSTRIA President Mrs. Tanja HELML. MAIL


You can participate in various disciplines and categories


For kids  under 13,  juniors  under 18, adults 16-35, veterans 35 -40 and masters 40 +: Forms, Semi contact, Light contact.

For adults 16-35 Years: Kick light, Full contact, Low kick, K-1, Thai Boxing, Sanda, MMA.

Important and urgent
my brothers in all countries of the world
Send everyone my best regards
And after
I want to tell you all
Because of what the countries of the world are going through due to Corona Virus Covid 19
Which had an impact on everyone
The Cairo World Championship has been postponed to October 2021
I hope to see everyone in Cairo
Welcome to all of you in Egypt 2021 at any time
Best Regards
Mohamed Dessouki



Welcome to Egypt 2021


18th to 24th October 2021 in Egypt





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Thank you very much to the World Kickboxing Federation for the success it has achieved

and continues to achieve
The success of the European Championship in Romania
increased the evidence of our success around the world
Friends everywhere
We are waiting for you at the World Championship in Cairo 2020
Thank you Mr. World President
Thanks to the brothers in the world executive office
We are waiting to prepare for this important event
WKF World president / CEO
 will come to Cairo in January 2020 To see the final readiness
mohamed dessouki


see you in Cairo 2021
Welcome to Egypt

19th to 26th October in Egypt


بطولة العالم في كيك بوكسينغ في القاهرة

2021 – First time in history on the African continent


Very simple, just fill in the online fighter profile on right hand, add a jpg of your
male / female fighter and send to our head office. Can´t be much easier !!!

If you want to book any PRO-AM title and PPF TITLE
for your next event title just contact our head office by mail.


Mr. 100 %  WKF BRAZIL – Stivi WAGNER

The Brazilian kickboxing team held its last official training and is ready for the World Championship in Egypt,
With the intention of preparing both its athletes and the referees that will participate
in the World Cup, WKF Brasil will hold the National Kickboxing Open soon.
Brazil will bring athletes in all the contested modalities, in addition to an arbitration board, and is
one more of the countries to reinforce the participation South America in the World Championship of 2020

WKF AFRICA confirm two of our African
“ambassador in sport” in the official Kickboxing European Championships in Romania next week.

Best African female and multiple
World Champion Mrs. Patricia APOLOT is very special guest in Romania.

She comes to Europe to represent “Kickboxing in Africa”,
and to advertise our historical first huge Kickboxing World Championships on the African continent in October 2020!

Mrs. Apolot is well known in Europe, because she fought many of her best fights in Europe.

WKF UGANDA president Mr. Patrick LUYOOZA is today the second highest licensed international referee on the African continent.

Because of the upcoming World Championships in Cairo in October 2020 Mr. Luyooza could be next

WKF AFRICA supervisor on the World Championships in Egypt.

He want to attend the World referee seminar in Romania, to get the next higher WKF license.

We hope Mr. Luyooza can open his EU visa in time.


WKF Latin America continental director is
Mr. Carlos SUAREZ from Buenos Aires


Director WKF

América latina & Caribe

from www.wkfworld.com
arab region and middle east
خالص تحياتي للجميع
وتمنياتي بالتوفيق الدائم أيضا للجميع
My sincere greetings to all
i wishes for permanent success as everyone

تهنيء أسرة الإتحاد العالمي للكيك بوكسينج
في المنطقه العربيه والشرق الأوسط

رشا شوقي

المنظم العام للأحداث الدولية والعالمية بالمنطقة العربية والشرق الأوسط


Cristina KAGUEYAMA, Goiania, Brazil

World referee seminar 2019 in Romania

Cairo, Egypt  
coming soon
The stunning world event

WKF MMA division head office confirmed:

WKF TUNISIA has got new leadership

WKF AFRICA head office confirm !

Our WKF MIDDLE EAST director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI was invited for a huge seminar of our WKF GREECE president Mr. Georg PERGIALIS.

More than 500 (!) members of WKF in Tunisia attend the seminar. …

International WKF EGYPT OPEN on July 28th in Damiette


president Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI announce next great event.

Damiette is the amazing City for the famous “Eypt Open 2017” tournamnet.

Excellent host, friendly people, souk for shopping, culture and typical arabic food makes this tournament so amazing.

Date is July 28th – 30th , open for all our 127 WKF member countries.

Connect Holliday and international high class tournamnet.

Let´s meet in Egypt !

WKF EGYPT and Middle East president Mohamed DESSOUKI

For full information, Hotel booking, airport transfer and more contact Mr. Dessouki by mail.

Also you can Download full invitation from here /International_Championships_Egypt_Open_2016.pdf

WKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI was the chairman and more than 75 (!) interested officials and male/female fighters attended the various seminars.
Many male/female champions attended the seminar with following DAN gradings.

Mr. Chabali is our new appointed WKF AFRICA continental MMA director and he will contact ASAP
all our 27 WKF AFRICA member country presidents to organise MMA and to move forward, hand in hand with all other African experts.
Mr. Chebali speaks perfect French and English and of course Arabic language as well.

If you want to contact Mr. Chebali for WKF MMA requests send him your E-mail, please. More photos already here in our gallery.


With respect galore

 Thank you